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 Name: Secondary element soluble fertilizer
Secondary element soluble fertilizer

Product description:
1. This product is 100% soluble in water.
2. Nitrate nitrogen can be absorbed by crops directly without soil transformation, high utilization rate.
3. This product can be used in the prevention and treatment of various physiological diseases caused by calcium deficiency.
4. Magnesium ion can increase chlorophyll content, improve photosynthesis, promote the generation of carbohydrate. Magnesium element can promote the metabolism of crops, and improve fruit quality.
5. This product belongs to health care nutrient element fertilizer. Calcium and magnesium elements can increase nutrient utilization, improve soil, adjust soil PH.
Method of application:
This fertilizer can be widely used in grain crops, industrial crops, flowers, fruits, vegetables, etc.
1.The remaining products shall be tightly sealed.
2.Caking will not affect the fertilizer efficiency.
Technical index

Item Unit Standard
Nitrogen nitrate %,≥ 13
Calcium+magnesium %,≥ 15
Calcium oxide %,≥ 16
Magnesium oxide %,≥ 6
Appearance White Granular