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 Name: Nitrogen and potassium fertilizer
Nitrogen and potassium fertilizer

Product name: Nitrogen and potassium fertilizer
Common name: Large amount of element water soluble fertilizer
Executive standard: NY/T 1107-2020
Product nature: White round particles or white crystalline powder
Nutrient content:
N(Nitrate nitrogen)≥13.5%
K2O(Potassium oxide)≥46%
Product features:
1.Composed of Nitrate nitrogen and nitropotassium, this product has immediate dissolution and efficacy and can be directly absorbed by plants. Compared with other potassium fertilizers, this product contains Nitrate nitrogen and can quickly supplement nitrogen to crops after application.
2.It is recommended to use in the crop fruiting period and in the case of crop potassium deficiency, which can promote fruit growth, increase sweetness, improve taste and improve fruit quality.
3.Good water solubility, suitable for water and fertilizer integration. It is widely used in tobacco, tomato, grape, potato and other potassium-averse crops.
Product packaging: 25/50KG/ bag, inside plastic bag, or according to customer requirements.